1. Meg Westley

    I could not agree more, Laura. Left camping behind long ago in favour of a cottage, but I have friends who rave about the joys of the experience. e.g. “The food is so great!” Really? On a camp stove or open fire? Better than food prepared in the comfort of one’s kitchen (or any kitchen)? I don’t get it. One year Jay & I took all 4 kids on a trip from Stratford to Neepawa Manitoba and all I remember is setting up camp, taking it down and driving on, exhausted. I think that was my last foray into camping, over 20 years ago.

  2. Geoff

    Beg to differ…have camped for most of my life, and many of my favourite memories involve camping – paddling, portaging, hiking, cross-country skiing, the silence of lakes at night with the northern lights shimmering, small critters rustling, wind soughing in the pines, lakes lapping, loons ululating, rain on the fly, sunrise over misty waters…

  3. Robin Wilhelm

    Many years ago I did a fair bit of camping. Mostly tents but we did have a camper van for a while. Much of the time we were travelling. The best times were in mountain campgrounds near lakes and mountain peaks. Not something you can experience in your backyard! I will agree that ‘facilities’ often meant a certain lowering of standards, but for the most part, I enjoyed the experience. Lots of fun family memories too!

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